How to keep pets calm during fireworks

Finding ways to keep pets calm during the festival, setting off fireworks is an important part of their lives. Because loud noises and bright flashes of light can cause extreme stress and anxiety to pets. Today we have detailed instructions on how to keep your pet from getting startled during firecrackers or fireworks.

Create a safe space

Create a pet shelter or house with a quiet area where your pet can’t see the fireworks. This area must be so dense that you cannot see the sky outside. It is probably the room with the most solid walls, both visually and acoustically.

  • Prepare the area with your pet’s favorite bed or blanket.
  • Consider leaving your unwanted clothing that has your scent in your pet’s home for peace of mind.
  • If your pet has been trained to take refuge in a cage with a closed area or run into the house, ensure that the enclosed space is comfortably accessible.

Habituation of the senses

In previous weeks leading up to the launch of fireworks, try turning up the sound on a video of fireworks in your home to habituate your pet so that it doesn’t become too startled. In small amounts to get your pet used to the sound.

  • Pair the sounds with positive activities like play or treats
  • Gradually increase the volume over several sessions. But stop if your pet shows signs of stress.

Find something else to do

  • Provide them with a new toy or favorite snack during the fireworks. To distract the pet is to create a positive experience.
  • Engage in playing to distract your pet from outside noises.
  • Puzzle toys filled with snacks can be effective as a distraction.

Close all windows and doors

  • If a pet stay inside the house, reducing this physical perception can greatly reduce the sound level of fireworks.
  • Make sure all your pets are inside a closed and safe area before the fireworks begin.
  • Check all possible escape routes. Even normally calm pets can become alarmed and flee from fireworks.

Use other sounds to cover it up

  • Turn on music to calm or relax your pet. There are specific tracks and playlists designed specifically for pet relaxation.
  • Keep the volume at a comfortable level not too loud that it will add more stress to the pet. But it should loud enough to drown out the sound of the fireworks.

stay inside residence

Keeping pets indoors avoids surprises from the fireworks in the pet era and reduces the risk that they will run away in fear.

Check out the things that can identify your pet

  • Make sure your pet has a properly fitting collar with identification tag or information that always can identify the owner with it.
  • Consider using of microchips as a more convenient form of identification.
  • Keep photos of your pet on your mobile phone. In the worst case scenario, posters or announcements of lost pets must be made.

When using all of the above methods. You can alleviate the anxiety which your pet may experience during a busy fireworks display. Remember that each pet is unique, also some works for one pet but may not work for another. It’s about finding the right combination of techniques that can keep your beloved pet as calm and happy as possible. However, using CBD products for pets can reduce stress and create relaxation for pets. You can view all available products on our website.

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